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Community Energy Leadership Program (CELP)


The Community Energy Leadership Program (CELP) was established in 2015 to support local government and First Nations investments in energy efficiency and clean energy projects. Funding for CELP was established through the Province of British Columbia's Innovative Clean Energy Fund, through the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation (EMLI). The program is part of the Province’s CleanBC plan to help us all use more clean and renewable energy in how we get around, heat our homes, and fuel our industry — setting us on the path to a cleaner, brighter future.

The Fraser Basin Council provides program delivery support.

New in 2020!

Round 4 Funding Recipients

Seven clean energy projects in First Nations, northern and rural communities were approved for CELP funding in 2020, to reduce pollution and make life more affordable. Take a look:

Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation: Battery Power Storage Bank Project – $114,510 for a battery power storage bank and control system with a 125-kilowatt-hour storage capacity. The project will operate interactively with the existing hydroelectric facility to improve the efficiency of water usage and to help address any impacts to water availability for power generation due to climate change. This project will reduce the use of supplementary diesel generators leading to emissions reductions of 159 tonnes of CO2e per year in a B.C. remote community. The total project cost is $347,000.

District of Summerland: Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Upgrades Project – $57,255 for installation of heat pumps at a waste water treatment plant. The heat pumps will be used to replace existing older natural gas equipment and to supplement newer natural gas equipment. The plant is the most energy intensive of the Districts’ primary buildings and the project will reduce energy use by almost 800 gigajoules per year. The total project cost is $173,500.

Village of Midway: Community Centre Expansion and Energy Efficiency Retrofits Project – $68,000 for energy efficiency retrofits to the Midway Community Centre, as part of a larger refurbishment of the building. The project includes energy efficiency improvements to the hot water system, windows and lighting that will increase the centres’ energy efficiency by up to 50%. The total project cost is $1,656,870.

Kanaka Bar Indian Band: Greening Upper Kanaka Project – $33,000 for a 24-kilowatt solar array and battery storage. The project will install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the Band office, Health Office, a community residential building as well as installing solar PV and energy storage on a new community building. In total the project will save the community over $4,000 a year in energy costs. The total project cost is $111,000.

Lower Nicola Indian Band: Shulus Community Arena Solar Garden Project – $82,500 for a 100-kilowatt solar array on the Shulus Community Arena. The project will displace approximately 25-30% of the arena's total electrical consumption, saving the community about $13,000 in energy costs per year. The total project cost is $250,000.

Ashcroft Indian Band: Solar Energizing the New Elders' Building Project – $18,000 for an 18-kilowatt solar array on the newly constructed Elders’ Building. The project is an important element of efforts to develop community resilience in an area badly affected by wildfires. The project will save the band about $2,775 per year. The total project cost is $55,000.

Regional District of Central Kootenay: Procter Hall Energy Efficiency and Solar Project – $97,020 for energy efficiency upgrades and installation of a 26-kilowatt solar array on the Procter Community Hall. Energy efficiency measures will include improvements to the building envelope, windows, hot water system and replacement of the propane furnace with an air source heat pump. The project will save the community about $4,274 in annual energy costs. The total project cost is $294,500.

Program Goals & Benefits

The main goals of the CELP program are to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Stimulate economic activity in the clean energy sector
  • Support vibrant and resilient communities

CELP funding supports, encourages, and promotes:

  • New community energy partnerships, encouraging investments in small-scale, community-owned energy generation from sources such as biomass, biogas, geothermal heat and hydro, solar, ocean or wind power to offset community energy use
  • Energy efficiency through retrofits of community-owned buildings and related infrastructure
  • Community projects and industry partnerships that advance this growing sector of the provincial economy.

To learn about projects previously funded and other details, see the Province of BC webpage on CELP.

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