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Our Community: Epexyêwtes  — an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan for Clinton Released 


The Village of Clinton has completed an integrated community sustainability plan (ICSP) for the community. The planning process called Epexyêwtes - Clinton: the next 25 years was facilitated in partnership with the Village by Smart Planning for Communities (SPC), a partnership program of the Fraser Basin Council.  

The Process

‘Epexyêwtes’ is the Northern Secwepemc (Shuswap), word meaning ‘when it is tomorrow’. This phrase captures the purpose of the community sustainability planning process that took place in Clinton, during 2014. The process led to a plan that describes a picture of Clinton as it could be in the future based on ‘sustainability thinking‘, as envisioned by the residents.

Community Engagement

Several opportunities were provided for residents to participate in the planning process. The community identified what they value about Clinton and why they live here. They provide input on what their future vision of Clinton in 2040 would include. This future vision led to four themes on which the plan is based.

The Plan

The four themes identified during the community engagement phase were then developed into strategic priorities. They are the key items that need to be pursued in the coming years to help make Clinton more sustainable. The priorities and their respective goal statements are:

  • Diversify the local economy through small businesses and tourism.
  • Reach a population of 1000 to 1500 people.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle from pre-cradle to grave.
  • Embrace historical roots while enhancing community spirit.

The Village will start implementing the plan in 2015. As well, this sustainability plan creates a foundation and sets the direction for updating the Village’s Official Community Plan.

More Information

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Tom Dall
Chief Administrative Officer,-Village of Clinton
Phone: (250) 459-2261, E-mail:

Joan Chess, MCIP, RPP
SPC Program Manager - Smart Planning for Communities, Fraser Basin Council
Phone: 250 612-0282, E-mail:

SPC_Clinton_PlanCover_thumb.gifDownload the Sustainability Plan for Clinton


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