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SPC Delivers Sustainability Strategy to the Village of Kaslo 


The Kaslo ICSP process built upon the visions and goals developed on related topics such as climate change adaptation and agriculture, as well as the updated Official Community Plan, and other relevant community projects and initiatives. 

Smart Planning for Communities has completed a sustainability process and report for the Village of Kaslo.

The SPC team worked closely with the Village of Kaslo staff and broader community to identify priorities and define best strategies to design a plan for its path towards becoming a resilient sustainable community. 

“The three best things about Kaslo are; the beautiful breathtaking natural environment, friendly caring people who create a sense of community and the lifestyle in a safe and accessible community with many cultural and outdoor activities." — Kaslo residents.

A New Vision

The Village of Kaslo is located on the shores of Kootenay Lake. It was developed in early 1890s as a result of the mining boom in the region. To develop the new vision for the Village, SPC facilitator Joan Chess and the Council took a holistic approach.

Chess started the Integrated Community Sustainability Planning (ICSP) process by involving community members in the process through community events and focus groups. Residents were asked to provide their input on what they love about their community, what sustainability means to them and ways it could be improved.

Four Pillars

The team worked on developing best strategies and an effective action plan to achieve the goals for the four ‘pillars’ of sustainability—social, economic, environmental and cultural.

The Strategy

Kaslo’s sustainability process includes actions, activities, a timeframe, responsibilities and indicators for measuring success. The process is detailed in the final report, A Sustainability Strategy for the Village of Kaslo, delivered by the Smart Planning for Communities team. Download it here.


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SPC_Kaslo_PlanCover_thumb.jpgDownload the Sustainability Strategy for the Village of Kaslo


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