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The Fraser Basin Council brings people together to advance sustainability in British Columbia

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Our Vision

The Fraser Basin Council’s vision statement is for:

 Social well-being, supported by a vibrant economy
and sustained by a healthy environment


Our Mandate

With a history rooted in the Fraser Basin, FBC supports both province-wide programs and regional initiatives for communities of the Basin and other parts of BC. As reflected in our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, the mandate of the Fraser Basin Council is:

 To advance sustainability solutions and practices in British Columbia

Understanding of Sustainability

What does sustainability mean to the Fraser Basin Council? It's an important question.

As noted in our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, FBC understands sustainability to mean:

Living and managing activities in a way that integrates social, economic and environmental considerations to meet the needs of both current and future generations.


Strategic Priorities

The Fraser Basin Council focuses on three strategic priorities:

  • Build Sustainable and Resilient Communities
  • Take Action on Climate Change
  • Support Healthy Watersheds and Water Resources

Our Roles

Within the three strategic priority areas, the Fraser Basin Council serves in three key roles:

  • Facilitator and Strategic Convener
  • Educator
  • Program Manager

FBC frequently works with others on sustainability issues and initiatives, including flood management, climate change action and adaptation, air quality improvement, green transportation, healthy watersheds and community sustainability planning.

Our Board and Staff

The Council has 38 Directors: an impartial Chairperson and 37 other Directors who represent the four orders of government — federal, provincial, local and First Nations — as well as the private sector and civil society. This governance structure is one of the first of its kind and a reflection of FBC’s commitment to collaboration.

The FBC Directors set the strategic focus and policies for the Council and take into account principles of a Charter for Sustainability (1997). Their decisions are by consensus.

The Board is supported by a team of over 50 full and part-time staff in regional FBC offices.

The 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

The 2021-2026 Strategic Plan reflects the Council’s strategic priorities, the way in which we carry out work and how we define success. Inspirational and practical, this is the framework for annual operating plans, partnerships, work plans and all decisions to devote time, money and energy to fulfillment of the mandate.

In the plan you’ll find FBC's key areas of focus, together with key objectives and strategies for each, sustainability principles, strategic opportunities and some of the trends we are watching.

There are nine principles important to the work, reflected in our 2021-2026 strategic plan:

  • Take a long-term stewardship view
  • Foster equity and prosperity for all British Columbians
  • Redefine prosperity
  • Recognize our dependence on a healthy environment
  • Acknowledge that natural resources contribute to social well-being and economic prosperity
  • Advance reconciliation in collaboration with Indigenous Nations and Peoples to uphold the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Respect local solutions for local needs
  • Implement informed and integrated decision-making
  • Take bold and decisive action

Read the Strategic Plan in PDF or in flipbook.

Top photo: 2019 flood workshop | Evan Crowe

About the Fraser Basin Council

The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is a charitable non-profit organization that brings people together to advance sustainability in British Columbia.

Where We Work

We are grateful to live and work on the unceded ancestral territories of the Indigenous Nations of British Columbia.

Our Vision

Social well-being supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment.

Strategic Priorities

At the Fraser Basin Council, our strategic priorities are to take action on climate change, support healthy watersheds and water resources, and build sustainable and resilient communities.

With our partners, we work on a range of collaborative, multi-sector initiatives, such as those focused on flood management, community wildfire planning, air quality improvement, energy-efficient buildings, green transportation (including the uptake of electric vehicles and expansion of charging infrastructure), watershed planning and youth-driven climate action projects.

FBC Program Sites

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ReTooling for Climate Change:

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Climate Action Toolkit: 

Salmon-Safe BC

Realizing UNDRIP Initiative

Contact Us

FBC staff work from our Vancouver, Kamloops, Williams Lake and Prince George offices, and from several other locations.

To reach us, see FBC Offices and FBC Staff or contact our administration office:

Fraser Basin Council
1st Floor, 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5

T: 604 488-5350