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Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer

staff_dmarshall.jpg David Marshall
Chief Executive Officer
T: 604 488-5350  | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About David

FBC Staff Team (alphabetical order)

Here is our team of full and part-time staff — the people who keep the Fraser Basin Council and our programs running throughout the year. For our office locations, see FBC Offices.


Mahdis Araujo
EV Advisor, Sustainable Transportation

T: 604-488-5364 | E: 

GVSS office


Mary Barrientos
Program Administrator, Sustainable Transportation
T: 604 488-5350 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office


Claire Borgonos
Finance and Administrative Coordinator

T: 604 488-5372 | E:


Patrick Breuer
EV Advisor, Plug in BC

T: 604 488-5367 |

GVSS office


Susan Chalmers
Program Coordinator Special Projects & NCLGA

T: 250-564-6585 |

Northern Interior/Upper Fraser Office


Eliana Chia
Program Manager, Climate & Energy Resilience

T: 604 488-5377 | E: | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Eliana


Stephanie Chong
Youth Program Coordinator


About Stephanie


Sonja Dodig
Youth Program Manager
T: 604 488-5350 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Sonja


Theresa Fresco
Regional Manager, Greater Vancouver-Sea to Sky
T: 604 488-5363 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Theresa


Shannon Gilchrist
Program Coordinator, Plug-In BC


GVSS office


Tanya Hebron
Program Lead, Community Energy

T: 604 488-5350 | E:

GVSS office

Denise Palmer Hoskins Denise Palmer Hoskins
Communications Manager
T: 604 488-5352 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Denise

Shikhar Kumar
Commercial ZEV Advisor, Zero-Emission Fleets Program

T: 604 600-4727 | E:

GVSS office


Carol-Ann Leeson
Executive Assistant, Council Governance


staff_slitke.jpg Steve Litke
Director, Water Programs
T: 604 488-5358 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Steve
Andrea McDonald

Andrea McDonald
Communications Coordinator, Salmon-Safe BC and Climate Action Toolkit




Kim Menounos
Regional Manager, Upper Fraser

T: 250 612-0282 | E: 

Northern Interior/Upper Fraser Office


Inger Miller
Program Lead, Charging Infrastructure, Plug In BC

T: 604 488-5350 | E: 

GVSS office


Cait Murphy
Program Lead, Climate Resilience
T: 604 488-5353 | E:   | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Cait


Jessie Ning
Finance Manager
T: 604 488-5356 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Jessie

staff_bpurdy_130px.jpg Bob Purdy
Executive Vice President

T: 604 488-5355 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Bob

Terry Robert
Director, Special Projects

T: 250 612-0252 | E:

Northern Interior/Upper Fraser office | About Terry

staff_aruso.jpg Adriana Ruso
Chief Financial Officer
T: 604 488-5360 | E:  | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Adriana

Lindsay Sackett
Program Coordinator

T: 250 612-0252 | E:

Northern Interior/Upper Fraser office

staff_msimpson.jpg Mike Simpson
Director, Interior Regional Programs
T: 250 314-9660 | E:

Thompson office | About Mike

Michael Stanyer
Program Coordinator, Plug in BC
T: 604 488-5364 | E:

GVSS office


Cherry Tam
Youth Program Lead
T: 604 488-5354 | E: 

GVSS office | About Cherry


Mercy Tamonte
Finance Coordinator
T: 604 488-5372 | E: | F: 604 488-5351

GVSS office | About Mercy

 Afarin Tavasoli

Afarin Tavasoli
Program Administrator, Sustainable Transportation


GVSS office | About Afarin


Pete Thimmaiah
Program Manager, Zero-Emission Fleets Program, Plug in BC
T: 604 488-5365 | E:

GVSS office | About Pete


J-M Toriel 
Program Coordinator, Plug In BC

T: 604 771-4954 | E:

Christina Toth
Assistant Regional Manager, Fraser Valley

T: 604 864-9295 | E:

Fraser Valley Office | About Christina 

staff_jvanderwal_130px.jpg Jim Vanderwal
Director, Climate Change Programs
C: 604 897-5350 | E: 

Vernon | About Jim
 Balakrishnan (Bala) Venkata

Balakrishnan (Bala) Venkata
Research Analyst, Fleets Program

T: 236 877-2886 | E:

GVSS office | About Bala


Erin Vieira
Associate Regional Manager, Thompson
T: 250 314-9660  | E: 

Thompson office | About Erin


Hannah Wasstrom*
Program Coordinator, NCLGA

T: 250 612-0252 | E: 

Northern Interior / Upper Fraser Office

* currently on leave


Tom Welfare
Program Lead, Energy Efficiency

C: 236 333-4467 |



Jane Wellburn
Regional Manager, Cariboo-Chilcotin
T: 250 392-1400 | E:
Frances Woo
Assistant Program Manager, Flood Management

T: 604 488-5373 | E:

GVSS office


Our Vision

Social well-being supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment.

About the Fraser Basin Council

The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is a charitable non-profit organization that brings people together to advance sustainability in the Fraser River Basin and throughout BC. Established in 1997, FBC is a collaboration of four orders of government (federal, provincial, local and First Nations) along with those from the private sector and civil society. We work with people in multiple sectors, helping them find collaborative solutions to today’s issues through a commitment to the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Our focus is on healthy water and watersheds, action on climate change and air quality and strong, resilient communities and regions.

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Salmon-Safe BC

Contact Us

FBC has offices in Vancouver, Kamloops, Williams Lake and Prince George. We also have staff located in Abbotsford and Vernon.

To reach us, see FBC Offices and FBC Staff.

Our main office is:

Fraser Basin Council
1st Floor, 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5

T: 604 488-5350
F: 604 488-5351