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BC CLEAR — Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The 2015 BC CLEAR application and funding process is complete.The eligibility and selection criteria are here for information.

Eligibility for BC CLEAR Funding

All applied research projects that have direct relevance to air quality management in British Columbia are eligible for support from the BC Clean Air Research Fund (BC CLEAR). First Nations are encouraged to apply as BC CLEAR is offering specific research grants to support applied air quality research by First Nations applicants.

Applied research is defined as “original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge to help understand and solve air quality management issues.” In general, this includes furthering understanding on the nature of air quality, the physical processes involved (atmospheric, emissions, transformations), the effects on the environment and humans, and air quality management systems.

Research projects are invited relating to (but not be limited to) the following focus areas:

  • air quality science processes such as meteorological and atmospheric chemistry
  • weather, air quality and ecosystem/health effects models that would lead to more reliable tools used for air quality management decision-making
  • identification, quantification and characterization of the space and time variability of emission sources
  • monitoring methods that provide cost-effective and accurate measures of emissions, meteorology, ecosystem and human health effects
  • emissions control approaches that include clean fuels, improved processes, newer technology and market-driven programs
  • links between air quality and ecosystem and human health impacts
  • public communication/behaviour-change approaches to address air quality
  • economic valuation of air quality benefits/impacts
  • air quality/climate change co-benefits
  • air quality management systems.

Researchers from academic institutions, government organizations, First Nations, industry, consulting and non-government organizations are eligible to apply to the BC CLEAR Fund.

The BC CLEAR Fund will not support:

  • the maintenance of existing air quality management programs
  • the purchase of equipment only (unless it is clearly related to the research purpose)
  • applied research projects already underway, unless there is a clear and defined incremental benefit that can be achieved with BC CLEAR support
  • associated research expenses (patent acquisition, property taxes, legal fees, travel, promotion)
  • projects related exclusively to climate change, unless there is a clear application to air quality
  • multi-year funding requests.

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Selection Criteria

Applicants should highlight how their project will fulfill the BC CLEAR selection criteria. Applications will be reviewed and projects will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The project is transformative, is locally, nationally or internationally significant, and is of strategic importance to the management of air quality in BC
  • The project helps further understanding of the nature of air quality or the physical processes involved (atmospheric, emissions, transformations) or their effects on the environment and humans or how air quality can be effectively managed
  • The project falls within one of the 10 BC CLEAR focus areas
  • The project has a clear and identifiable incremental benefit that can be achieved
  • The project has support of other agencies or partners
  • The project will share research findings publicly and will disseminate results to relevant professionals and organizations
  • Funds requested from BC CLEAR do not exceed $20,000 and are for a maximum of one year.

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The BC Clean Air Research Fund is sponsored by the BC Ministry of Environment and is jointly managed with two other parties — Metro Vancouver and Environment Canada (EC). A representative from each of these parties makes up the BC CLEAR Steering Committee. The role of the Steering Committee is to:

  • review and make decisions on proposals
  • request technical advice from experts when additional expertise is required to assess a proposal
  • arrange coordination on proposed projects that overlap with existing work underway in BC
  • if possible, provide funding or in-kind contributions from their respective agencies.

The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) provides administrative support to the Steering Committee by acting as the Fund Secretariat. FBC promotes grant opportunities, receives proposals, communicates with applicants and prepares annual reports for the Fund.

See the BC CLEAR Applications page for an overview of the application process and link to the online application form.

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