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Sustainability Planning e-Learning

To help your community design a meaningful sustainability planning process, Smart Planning is building an online education series focusing on specific sustainability issues.

Reaching Expectations

Adding creativity and fun to your community engagement practices.

This collaborative webcast by Smart Planning for Communities and the Columbia Basin Trust covers:

  1. Smart Practices for Effective Engagement,
  2. Framing your Session,
  3. Using Engagement Tools; and
  4. Reaching a Broad Spectrum of the Community.

It also features the delightful 4 minute film; Engaging Community, Inspiration from the Columbia Basin that tells the story of powerful engagement in three unique communities. For more resources please visit:

Integrated Community Sustainability Planning: Research Poster

Implications for Rural British Columbia: Preliminary Findings of the Local Government Survey
An applied research project funded by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions — Led by Joan Chess, Smart Planning for Communities; a program of the Fraser Basin Council

The Integration Part of Integrated Community Sustainability Planning (ICSP)

Smart Planning Facilitators presented to planning colleagues from around the province at the 2011 PIBC Annual Conference.

The team delivered an interactive session that enabled the participants to hear from each other and discuss their opportunities and concerns, about the principle of integration – one of seven principles on which Integrated Community Sustainability Planning are based.

The facilitators session used graphic recording to track the conversation and had a section where participants noted their ideas and added them to the drawing.

Download the slideshow from the presentation above. Interested in having SPC Facilitators describe ICSP processes in your community? Contact Joan Chess,

Community-Scale Energy and Greenhouse Gas Modelling Tools


Community-scale Energy and GHG Modelling Tools: North Vancouver from Smart Planning on Vimeo.

The experiences of five local governments with community–scale energy and greenhouse gas modelling tools are profiled in the BC Climate Action Toolkit: The series is presented by Smart Planning for Communities and the Province of BC.

Each case study includes a written and webcast component. The written case study is a downloadable report that describes how the modelling tool was used to help set greenhouse gas reduction targets, policies and actions, and the webcasts are slide presentations narrated by participating local government staff and their consultants.

Preview one of the webcast segments featuring the City of North Vancouver narrated by Emily Adin: Planner - North Vancouver, Caroline Jackson: North Vancouver Community Energy Manager, Alex Boston - HB Lanarc.

Download the written North Vancouver Case Study here.

Case studies were also collected from the cities of Colwood, Prince George and more on North Vancouver, as well as the Central Kootenay and Fraser Valley regional districts to show how a variety of modelling tools work.

The full series of case studies are available on The BC Climate Action Toolkit.

Planning Effectively with First Nation Governments in BC

This presentation was delivered as a webinar in February 2011 by Donnella Sellars. The webinar discussed steps that might be taken in fostering better government to government relationships along with some historical and current information.

Interested in having Donnella present and facilitate a workshop in your community?
Please contact:, (250) 392-1400. For further information on our services for First Nation governments, download our brochureand read through our Resource List for First Nation Governments in the Resources section.

This presentation was delivered on the sunshine coast of British Columbia in the Spring of 2011. It covers ways for local governments to approach community energy planning.

Interested in having Peter present in your community?
Please contact Peter Ostergaard: (250) 888-3030.

This presentation discusses ways to manage community mobility. It features the Fraser Basin Council’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Guidebook for small to medium-sized communities and a case study prepared by the Climate Change and Air Quality team.

Interested in having FBC present TDM information to your community?
Please contact: Peter Ostergaard: (250) 888-3030
and Jim Vanderwal,, (604) 488-5357

Program Vision

Smart Planning for Communities: creating stronger more vibrant and sustainable communities in British Columbia.

Our Work

Smart Planning for Communities (SPC) is a BC-wide collaborative initiative to assist local and First Nations governments in addressing their long-term sustainability challenges by providing resources and tools for planning socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable communities. Learn more about our services…

Our Partners

Smart Planning for Communities is administered and delivered by the Fraser Basin Council with support provided by a Funders Group consisting of:

  • BC Hydro
  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • BC Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
  • BC Ministry of Environment
  • Real Estate Foundation of BC
  • Canadian Rural Partnership

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We’re close at hand and happy to help! See our Smart Planning for Communities Contacts page to connect with facilitators and other program staff.

SPC is a program of the Fraser Basin Council, a charitable non-profit society that works to advance sustainability in the Fraser River Basin and across BC.

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