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First Nations Home EnergySave Podcast

Welcome to the First Nations Home EnergySave podcast, an initiative of the Fraser Basin Council and SES Consulting. The podcast is focused on supporting BC First Nations in their work to provide people healthy, affordable and energy efficient housing.

Join host Darla Simpson and her colleagues as they share their experience and expertise on home energy topics and practical tips that can help Housing, Asset and Energy Managers to support their communities. Through this 12-part podcast series, we explore energy-efficient technologies, energy management strategies and collaborative work with residents.

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Meet the Podcast Team

Host Darla Simpson, BSc, CEM

Darla Simpson, host of the FNHES podcast

Darla has spent her 20-year career working with communities and organizations to help them become more energy efficient by adopting new technologies and good energy habits.  

Dami Dabiri, BSc, EIT

Dami is committed to finding kinder and smarter ways of sourcing and using energy. As an Engineer at SES Consulting, he provides a balanced and informed perspective on energy efficiency.

Steffen Trangeled, BSc, PEng

Steffen Trangeled, BSc, PEng – Steffen is a Senior Engineer at SES Consulting with a background in energy management, automation controls, and HVAC design.  He’s led numerous upgrade projects in buildings of all sizes and brings a deep understanding for the complexity of building energy systems. 

Adam Trovato

Adam began his career as an Energy Auditor and through his work has supported numerous First Nations through home assessments and energy efficiency projects. He now works as the Manager of Business Development Teams for the Sustainable Projects Group bringing a holistic perspective from practical implementation to strategic energy management.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 5: It’s Cold in Here! Improving comfort and reducing energy waste with building envelope upgrades

Publish Date: March 1, 2021

Cold and drafts are a big source of housing complaints, not to mention issues with mold and water damage when part of the building envelope isn’t working well. In this episode, we’ll talk about what housing managers need to know to improve energy efficiency, increase comfort and reduce utility bills through best practices in maintenance — and what to think about when it’s time to replace component of the building envelope.

Play the episode (49:08) below, or download it using the [↓] button on the upper right of the player.

Episode 4: Is It Efficient? Using Benchmarking to Prioritize Homes for Energy Upgrades.

Publish Date: February 8, 2021

Energy use in our homes is invisible. It’s very hard to look at a home and know if it’s using a lot of energy or to look across our communities and know which houses need the most help. In this podcast we’ll look at ways we can use energy billing information to prioritize energy conservation projects. We'll explore different ways of comparing between homes and some tools available to housing managers to get started.

Play the episode (42:07) below, or download it using the [↓] button on the upper right of the player.

Read our Resource: Benchmarking for Energy Management

Episode 3: Walls, Windows, Roof and Doors – What You Need to Know when Building New Homes

Publish Date: January 18, 2021

A home in Fort St. John has to deal with completely different weather conditions than a home in Cowichan Valley. This needs to be reflected in your homes building envelope — the skin between your home and the cold and rain outside. Your building envelope also plays a huge part in your home’s energy efficiency, and it's an expensive fix after a home is built. In this podcast we’ll look at the different elements of a building envelope and the efficient and not-so-efficient options in new construction.

Play the episode (42:42) below, or download it using the [↓] button on the upper right of the player.

Read our Resource: Building Envelope - New Construction

Episode 2: Making Cents of Energy Management

Publish Date: January 11, 2021

Housing budgets are always tight — and energy poverty is a concern for communities across BC. In this episode, we’ll discuss tools to look at upfront and ongoing costs to help make smart decisions when planning for home energy efficiency improvements. We’ll also look at how to calculate carbon emissions and factor in non-financial costs of housing choices.

Play the episode (22:48) below, or download it using the [↓] button on the upper right of the player.

Read our Resource: The Financial Case for Energy Management

Episode 1: Understanding Building Systems

Publish Date: January 4, 2021

Houses are complex systems. Making changes to one system can impact others. For example, improving your building envelope can impact ventilation. In this episode, we review the main building systems and how they interact to impact energy efficiency, affordability, health and resident comfort.

Play the episode (34:04) below, or download it using  [↓] button on the upper right of the player.

Read our Resource: Understanding Building Systems

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