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Fraser Valley Programs

cultus_lake_shore_350px.jpgHere are some of the Fraser Basin Council programs of particular interest in the Fraser Valley. See highlighted examples of past projects, featured in Other Regional Work.

Photo: Cultus Lake, courtesy of Picture BC


Plug in BC

FBC manages Plug in BC — an initiative to help lay the groundwork for electric vehicles. We administer a number of incentives, including for home and workplace charging, specialty use electric vehicles and the electrification of fleets, along with EV advisory services for stratas and fleets. Though the vast majority of charging is at home, there are 2,000 public places to charge an electric vehicle in BC., including well over 100 fast-charging stations.

Learn more at Plug in BC.

Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy

The Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy Initiative is a multi-year initiative launched in 2014 to help flood risk and improve the flood resilience of communities along BC's lower Fraser River and south coast — from Hope to Richmond and from Squamish to White Rock. 

Phase 1 (2014-2016) of the initiative is complete and Phase 2 (2016-2021) is underway to build a strategy, with participation and input of 60+ entities with flood-related responsibilities, including all four orders of government (federal, provincial, local and First Nations).

To learn more, visit

Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance

FBC provides secretariat support to the Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance (FVIDA), an alliance of dedicated volunteers, non-profit groups and local government staff who work to raise awareness and inspire behavioural changes to curb illegal dumping in the Fraser Valley.

Its members host annual clean-ups that draw 100s of volunteers and supporters. Many others clean wilderness and remote areas through the year to protect important fish-bearing streams, rivers and watershed habitats. FVIDA also strives to inform the public about responsible ways to dispose of waste, in order to sustain healthy environments for all.

Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy

FBC supports the work of the Cultus Lake Aquatic Stewardship Strategy (CLASS) as it promotes community stewardship and awareness about the environmental health of Cultus Lake and its watershed.

A popular destination for many Fraser Valley residents and visitors, Cultus Lake is showing signs of cultural eutrophication. FBC works with community groups and agencies to address this issue. See details at Cultus Lake – Addressing Cultural Eutrophication.

Salmon-Safe BC

salmon_safe_park.jpgSalmon-Safe BC is an eco-certification program managed by the Fraser Basin Council. Salmon-Safe to recognize management practices in agriculture and urban development that better protect Pacific salmon habitat and water quality.

The urban program is available to BC municipalities and regional districts, developers and other private and public sector landowners. Certification can apply to such places as parks and natural areas, college or university campuses, business sites and residential developments in urban, suburban and rural settings.

Learn more on the Salmon-Safe BC website.

Climate Change Adaptation

FBC supports the BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative, a federal-provincial initiative to encourage climate change adaptation in BC communities and resource sectors. Check out tools and resources to support communities become more resilient at ReTooling for Climate Change.

Our Vision

Social well-being supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment.

About the Fraser Basin Council

The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is a charitable non-profit organization that brings people together to advance sustainability in the Fraser River Basin and throughout BC. Established in 1997, FBC is a collaboration of four orders of government (federal, provincial, local and First Nations) along with those from the private sector and civil society. We work with people in multiple sectors, helping them find collaborative solutions to today’s issues through a commitment to the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Our focus is on healthy water and watersheds, action on climate change and air quality and strong, resilient communities and regions.

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FBC has offices in Vancouver, Kamloops, Williams Lake and Prince George. We also have staff located in Abbotsford and Vernon.

To reach us, see FBC Offices and FBC Staff.

Our main office is:

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We are grateful at the Fraser Basin Council Society to live and work on the unceded ancestral
territories of the Indigenous Nations of British Columbia.