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Granisle Resident Input Crucial to Sustainability Planning Process – More Input Needed 

by Jennifer Nichols, posted on December 08, 2014

VILLAGE OF GRANISLE — The Village of Granisle is inviting local residents to provide input for a sustainability plan for the community. The sustainability planning process, called Granisle Revival, is underway.

Residents are invited to discuss what they value about the community and their vision for how they would like to see the community evolve. Community input will help form a long term plan for the Village of Granisle.

In a recent comment Mayor Linda McGuire said, “Engaging the community on various issues, including community planning is both crucial and beneficial moving forward. Community input is immeasurable and serves as a valuable tool for the Council of the day”

The Village will be inviting further community input to Granisle Revival on Oct. 22, 2014 during a session at the Granisle Seniors Centre. They want to hear input on actions and strategies will help build a sustainable Granisle.

Community Input to Date

September 22: Review of sustainability strategies and actions.

June 26: Residents discussed what actions might be taken to evolve the community.

May 28th The first session was held at Granisle Seniors Centre focused on local values and the vision for a sustainable Granisle.

Key values of Granisle residents included: “clean air”, “clean water”, “friendly”, “low crime”, and “quiet” and “affordable housing”.

Granisle_Revival_EventPoster_V2_10.jpgSuggestions for making Granisle sustainable ranged from “fresh food”, “secure reliable medical services”, “transit bus” and “new economic opportunities”. More input is needed.

The process is being facilitated in partnership with the Village by Smart Planning for Communities, a partnership program of the Fraser Basin Council. SPC Program Manager, Joan Chess, sees public engagement as a core step in the planning process, “Community input is so important in creating a plan with residents and community leaders, that can be used for several generations and truly prepare communities for a more sustainable future.”




Sharon Smith, CAO
1 Village Square Granisle, British Columbia, V0J 1W0
Phone: (250) 697-2248

Joan Chess, MCIP, RPP
SPC Program Manager - Smart Planning for Communities, Fraser Basin Council
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Jennifer Nichols
SPC Communications Coordinator - Smart Planning for Communities, Fraser Basin Council
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