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Planning Samples eBinder: Getting Ready

  1. Getting Ready
    The Assessment/Preparing phase of a sustainability planning process can involve a number of different activities from education of the community, local government staff and elected officials to assessment of planning capacity and what is needed to move ahead with an Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Process (ICSP) or Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) process. Click on a link below to view the sample;

    1. Sustainability Pre-Planning
      1. The Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Initiative, BC-MCS 2007
      2. Municipal Sustainability Plan Fast Track Guide, AUMA, June 2006
      3. Comprehensive Guide for Municipal Sustainability Planning, AUMA, June 2006
      4. Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Template, Gov. of Yukon, 2007
      5. What is Integrated Community Sustainability Planning? Prince George, 2008
      6. Planning for Sustainability: a Starter Guide, TNS 2009
      7. Community Sustainability Planning, Municipal World, 2007
      8. Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Tool, Royal Roads, 2007
      9. CCP Backgrounder & Frequently Asked Questions, INAC
      10. CCP Handbook, INAC 2006
      11. Smart Planning for Communities backgrounder
      12. Becoming an Environmentally Sustainable Community Primer, Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Planning and Sustainable Communities, 2006
      13. Gaining Momentum: Sharing 50 Best Practices of First Nations Comprehensive
        Community Planning, Berengia Community Planning, 2009
      14. Quebec Best Practices Guide by Gouvernement du Québec, 2005
      15. Integrated Community Sustainability Planning by Stantec, 2009
      16. Applying for funding for Capacity Building and Integrated Community (ICSP) Planning
        Projects, BC-UBCM, 2010
      17. ICLEI STAR Sustainability Goals, 2010

    2. Assessment
      1. Community Assessment Template, Ministry of Community Services, 2007
      2. Sustainability Baseline Assessment for City of Dawson Creek, Holland Barrs, 2007
      3. ICSP Community Assessment for City of Nelson,
      4. ICSP Bubble Diagram,City of Prince George 2009
      5. RDCK - Community Assessment Report, CTQ Consultants, 2009
      6. District of Sparwood Community Sustainability Assessment, AECOM, 2008
      7. District of Peachland Sustainable Policy Inventory Report, 2010
      8. Castlegar Cultural Scan, Janzen & Associates 2006

    3. Terms of References
      1. Task List Grouping by Sustainability, City of Nelson, 2008
      2. ICSP Terms of Reference,Central Kootenay Regional District

    4. Requests for Proposals (RFP)
      1. RFP ICSP & OCP Review, City of Prince George, 2009
      2. RFP Consulting Services for Smart Planning for Communities Initiative & Community Assessment, Regional District of Central Kootenay, 2008
      3. RFP Community Sustainability Planning, City of Williams Lake, 2009
      4. RFP Community Sustainability Plan, Village of Slocan 2009
      5. RFP Sustainable Community Plan, Village of New Denver, 2009
      6. RFP Cowichan Valley Regional District: State of the Environment Report, 2009
      7. RFP Village of Telkwa, 2009
      8. RDCK Request for Integrated Sustainability Planning, RDCK, 2009
      9. Tsawout First Nation RFP for Proposal Writing Services, 2010
      10. RFP_Campbell River Sustainable OCP (SOCP) Update, 2010
        1. RFP_Campbell River SOCP Community Energy and Emissions Plan, 2010
        2. Campbell River SOCP – Agreement to Partner in Sustainability Planning, 2010
      11. RFP for City of Williams Lake ICSP, 2009
      12. City of Abbotsford ICSP RFP July 2011
  2. Planning

  3. Lessons Learned

  4. Further Resources


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