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Fraser Basin Council Youth Program

Youth engagement and capacity building are important in the Fraser Basin Council's work. Since 2006, the FBC Youth Program has supported youth to engage in sustainability initiatives, deepen their understanding on complex issues, gain skills and take leadership to serve their communities. FBC’s vision is for youth and young adults to be able to actively participate and contribute to social, environmental and economic well-being in communities throughout BC.

FBC Youth Director and Advisory Committee

The Fraser Basin Council has a Youth Director who serves on the Board to reflect youth values and to bring a youth voice to discussions and consensus-building.

FBC Youth Program initiatives are shaped by a Youth Advisory Committee, which supports the Youth Director and provides input to the Board and to the FBC staff on sustainability issues of importance to BC youth.

Learn more about the program on the FBC Youth website!


Co-Creating a Sustainable BC

2022-2023 CCSBC participants gather in Kamloops

CCSBC participants gather in Kamloops in 2023 to share projects and ideas — and to have fun together!

Want to change the world? Start in your community!

Co-Creating a Sustainable BC (CCSBC) is a flagship initiative of the FBC Youth Program! CCSBC supports youth participants as they deepen their understanding of the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability. They take what they've learned to design and implement a project that will have a direct and positive impact in their own communities. By the end of the program, participants come away with greater confidence to advocate for change and to realize a shared vision of a healthy and thriving community.

It's a valuable experience for all!

  • Collaborating and forming relationships with other youth who care about the environment and their community
  • Learning from and networking with leaders in their region and across the province doing exciting work on sustainability and climate change
  • Encouraging positive action in communities through their own sustainability projects
  • Strengthening skills in project coordination and implementation, such as planning, communications, budgeting and more
  • Building bonds and connecting with the land and waters through outdoor-based learning trips (all expenses paid!)
  • Most of all, HAVING FUN!

Now Underway! 2023-2024 CCSBC Program

The 2023-2024 CCSBC program is now underway, but there are still opportunities to join the the East Kootenays youth cohort.

Check out details on the FBC Youth Program site.

Youth-Led Projects! 2022-2023 CCSBC Highlights

Youth leading on climate and sustainability  — that’s what Co-Creating a Sustainable BC is all about!

Fraser Valley Youth Project | Community "Living Food-Stainably" Fair

A youth cohort in the Fraser Valley hosted a community event in Abbotsford in March 2023 called "Living Food-Stainably" to help young families in the Fraser Valley learn about local food systems and opportunities. Some 100 people attended for hands-on demonstrations and to access materials and supplies on such topics as worm composting, canning, food preservation techniques and growing garden vegetables. Community partners also supported the event by hosting workshops on growing sprouts, foraging and traditional Indigenous food practices. See some video highlights!

Cowichan Valley Youth Project | Access to Drinking Water and Restroom Facilities

Youth from the Cowichan Valley cohort were concerned about access to bathrooms and water for both drinking and hygiene. Their project focused on mapping publicly available washrooms and water fountains in the region. The youth worked together to create the map using data points gathered by their work on the ground and through outreach to the Municipality of North Cowichan and the City of Duncan. Their map was made accessible through an interactive online mapping website and a printed poster displayed around the central Duncan area.    

Stickers with QR codes were also distributed and displayed around the region for quick access to the online map. The youth hope that this resource is helpful to those trying to find freely available water and as a tool to showcase local gaps in available water, for future planning purposes.    

Thompson Youth Project | Workshop on Youth Transportation Priorities in Kamloops

CCSBC Thompson youth project

The Thompson youth cohort centred their efforts on transportation in Kamloops. They led a survey and hosted an interactive culture mapping workshop with local high school students. Workshop participants used art supplies to prepare a visual representation and a brief verbal summary of their experiences of —and their ideas for — moving around the city. They compiled the art pieces and discussion notes to share with decision makers within the community, and they hope to inspire more discussions and engagement with other youth.

Prince George Youth Project | Bike Share

The North-Central BC cohort explored ways to promote the benefits of cycling as a form of transit in the city of Prince George. They gathered data on the opinions and needs of Prince George residents related to the concept of a bike-share program through the development, dissemination and promotion of a survey. The work included a feasibility study on the implementation of a bike share program, which they plan to present to City Council. The cohort also developed an infographic on bike safety and accessibility in Prince George.

Going forward, they plan to apply for additional grants and to continue building their partnerships with local universities and colleges in the hopes of establishing a bike share program for students that would serve as a pilot for city-wide implementation.

Cowichan Valley Youth Project | Food, Art & Community

Concerned about the public having easy access to water for both drinking and hygiene, the Cowichan Valley youth cohort focused on mapping access points, especially public washrooms and fountains. They worked together to create the map using data points they gathered by walking around the region and by reaching out to the local municipalities of North Cowichan and City of Duncan.

Their final map was made accessible through an interactive online mapping website, stickers with a QR code, and a printed poster displayed in the central Duncan area. Participants hoped the map would help anyone trying to find freely available water, but also serve as a tool to showcase local gaps in available water for future planning purposes.

Vancouver Urban Core Youth Group Project | Food, Art & Community

The Vancouver Urban Core (VUC) youth group engaged BIPOC youth in considering the role of art in creating more sustainable and inclusive communities. The VUC cohort project idea was to start conversations about food and its potential as a tool to connect us and to think about the role food plays in our lives and how it can create opportunities for inclusion. As part of their CCSBC project, youth built and decorated a sound box to engage community members to collect and record stories of their experiences when/how they used food to connect with others in the community. Beyond the project, youth planned to create a mural based on the data they collect and organize an event to demonstrate the power of food and art to create social inclusion and strengthen community bonds.   

Helping Spirit Lodge Society Project | Sharing Skills and Experiences

In partnership with the Helping Spirit Lodge Society, the FBC Youth Program team supported a cohort focused on youth who had lived in shelters, or had experienced other hardship, to connect with the traditions and teachings of Indigenous cultures. Participants gained self-confidence and skills based on traditional practices. They then organized their own workshops to pass on the skills and support women from the shelter community by sharing what they learned.  

Helping Spirit Lodge project

East Kootenays Youth | Supporting Local Restoration Projects

In East Kootenay a CCSBC partnership was struck with Wildsight Kimberley-Cranbrook to engage outdoor education students at Mount Baker Secondary School. The students helped plan and execute a community event that brought the community together to carry out restoration activities with invasive plant removals, to raise public awareness of the benefits of caring for natural areas, and to make the park a more inviting space in the eyes of Cranbrook residents.

In June 2023 over 100 people turned out to this collaborative community event.

2022-2023 East Kootenays CCSBC youth project

Follow the Work!

For updates on CCSBC, follow Fraser Basin Council Youth on social media plus head over to the youth website.



Coming Soon! Down to You Podcast

Get ready for the  FBC Youth Program's DOWN TO YOU podcast, coming this fall. Youth from throughout BC will about their work to reduce their climate footprint and share inspiring ideas for a net-zero future.

Do you have a compelling story to share? Contact the FBC Youth team through the new Down to You podcast site!


Contact the Youth Program

For inquiries about Co-Creating a Sustainable BC, contact:
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Our Vision

Social well-being supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment.

About the Fraser Basin Council

The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is a charitable non-profit organization that brings people together to advance sustainability in the Fraser River Basin and throughout BC. Established in 1997, FBC is a collaboration of four orders of government (federal, provincial, local and First Nations) along with those from the private sector and civil society. We work with people in multiple sectors, helping them find collaborative solutions to today’s issues through a commitment to the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability. Our focus is on healthy water and watersheds, action on climate change and air quality and strong, resilient communities and regions.

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