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Wood Smoke Information Resources Portal

Residential wood burning is believed to be a significant cumulative source of fine particulate matter (PM) in BC, including Prince George. Exposure to fine PM is linked to adverse human health impacts, such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems and premature death. FBC supports the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable and other initiatives to help residents save fuel and reduce emissions when burning at home.



Wood Smoke Education Online Course

The Wood Smoke Education online course  (Note: Open in Safari, Edge or Chrome) is an interactive learning tool designed to teach the owners and operators of wood stoves how to burn cleanly and efficiently and explain the benefits of doing so.


The course is made up of the following modules, and should take participants from 40 minutes to an hour to complete:

  • Module 1: Clean Burning and Wood Smoke: Why it Matters Part 1 (10-15 min)
  • Module 2: Clean Burning and Wood Smoke: Why it Matters Part 2 (5-10 min)
  • Module 3: Firewood Practices (5-10 min)
  • Module 4: Clean Burning Practices (10-15 min)
  • Module 5: Rules, Regulations, & Air Quality (2-5 min)

Do you have a wood stove? Check it out!

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(Note: Open course in Safari, Edge or Chrome)

Thanks to the Project Funders

Project Partners

BC Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program

Check out the incentives for Prince George & Region!

BC Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program

The BC Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program (previously known as the Wood Stove Exchange Program) offers incentives to encourage British Columbians to exchange older, smoky wood-burning appliances for low-emission appliances, including pellet and EPA-certified clean burning wood stoves or inserts. New in 2024 is a $300 incentive for simply removing and decommissioning an old, smoky, non-emissions certified wood stove, without the need for an exchange. 

The program has been run since 2008 in the Prince George airshed, managed by Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable (PGAIR) and with administrative support from the Fraser Basin Council. Through the program, residents have switched out over 450 old stoves for high-efficiency appliances and removed an estimated an annual 42 tonnes of particulate matter (PM) emissions from the airshed.

The program is possible thanks to a partnership of the Province of British Columbia, BC Lung, PGAIR, the City of Prince George and the RDFFG.

Learn more on the PGAIR site.


Video Series on Cleaner Burning

English and French versions available

Check out this three-video series on how you can burn wood cleaner and reduce smoke.

These videos are also available for download in English and French for use by school teachers and others in community education, provided attribution is provided. Together, let's clear the air!

Support for the videos has been provided by Health Canada, the Province of British Columbia and the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable.

Wood Smoke: Tips for a Cleaner Burn


Burning Clean: It Starts with the Wood


Wood Smoke and Your Health



Click on the links to open a new window.
Choose "download" from the upper left corner of the screen to save the video to your desktop.

Video Series on Wood Smoke (English)
Wood Smoke: Tips for a Cleaner Burn Download video
Burning Clean: It Starts with the Wood Download video
Wood Smoke and Your Health Download video

Série vidéo sur la fumée de bois (Français)

Fumée de bois: conseils pour diminuer these effects de la fumée Télécharger la vidéo
Les bons feux: ça commence avec un bon bois Télécharger la vidéo
Votre santé et la fumée de bois Télécharger la vidéo

Resident Tip Sheets

The Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable, with support from FBC’s Upper Fraser team, has tips to help homeowners achieve greater fuel efficiency and fewer emissions:burn_it_clean_burnie_190px.png

  • Burn it Clean! Techniques to run wood-burning appliances at maximum efficiency.
  • Firewood Storage: Effective ways to dry and store firewood for cleaner burning.


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