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BC CLEAR Projects 2013-2014 (funding start dates) > Portable Micropulse LiDAR for Air Quality Monitoring and Research in British Columbia

Portable Micropulse LiDAR for Air Quality Monitoring and Research in British Columbia

posted on 7:25 PM, July 6, 2016

Project Leader: Ian McKendry

The central objective of this project is the development of a mobile continuous aerosol vertical profiling capability that complements and extends the existing network of fixed CORALNet Lidar (currently located at UBC and Whistler). Previous experience with lidar and ceilometers in the region demonstrates that a three-dimensional perspective is essential to an understanding of processes affecting local air quality.

CLEAR funds will be used to contribute to the purchase of a mini MicroPulse lidar that can be deployed in remote locations throughout BC. MicroPulse lidar is a proven technology and is the basis of the worldwide MicroPulse Lidar network. Deployment in the Lower Fraser Valley for calibration and testing purposes will be followed by extended deployment at the Ucluelet background monitoring station. Specifically, the lidar will elucidate variations in boundary layer height, the influence of sea salt particles, fog incidence and the transport of ship plumes.

Read the final report.

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