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T'Sou-ke First Nation community is a BC hot-spot for solar power

posted on 9:12 AM, November 17, 2010
The T’Souke First Nation is now serviced by three photo-voltaic systems, with a total capacity of 75kW.

The T’Sou-ke community on Vancouver Island is now equipped with three photo-voltaic (creating electricity from the sun) systems that bring power to several administrative buildings and its own government operations. With a total capacity of 75 kilowatts of energy, they have become the largest solar-powered community energy project in BC.

This achievement represents a year of hard work fundraising and building by the T’Sou-ke First Nation, guided by Project Leader Andrew Moore. As the projects materialized through early 2009, an additional goal emerged, namely to raise awareness so that other First Nation and off-grid communities could consider similar renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and programs.

The T’Sou-ke Solar Gathering on July 19, 2009 was highlighted by opening ceremonies, workshops, tours, and speakers, including Smart Planning for Communities Facilitator Peter Ostergaard who spoke about renewable energy and energy efficiency as vital components of any smart community planning program.

This was followed by similar events and a barbeque on July 20, to which the public was invited. During the events, funding program representatives and technical experts offered advice and assistance to visitors from First Nations and off-grid communities.

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