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SPC News: Epexyêwtes Clinton - the next 25 years 

Clinton partners with Fraser Basin Council on Sustainability Planning Process

by Jennifer Nichols, posted on Oct. 22, 2014

CLINTON — The Village of Clinton has partnered with the Fraser Basin Council to create an integrated community sustainability plan. Residents are invited to provide input to the sustainability planning process.


The planning process is called Epexyêwtes which is a Shuswap wording meaning “when it is tomorrow”. The Epexyêwtes Committee consists of Villagers from a broad cross section of the community representing: Local Government, First Nations, Business, Education an Area Residents.


Through this process the community is setting attainable goals on topics such as: local economic development, housing, seniors’ needs, intergovernmental relations, educational, recreational, cultural, industrial development and environmental management. The goal is to make Clinton sustainable for the next 25 years and beyond.



The Epexyêwtes team has been talking to Villagers at the Clinton Canada Day celebration, the Integris BBQ on July 4th as well as at a community workshop and coffee shop talk on September 17. These events provided opportunities for villagers to share what their vision for Clinton in 2040.

Community Development Coordinator, Daniela Dyck, and Mayor Rivett took a Sustainability Power Point presentation to the grade 10-12 students at David Stoddart School this fall. The youth shared what they love about Clinton and the things that would make them want to stay in Clinton or to come back to Clinton. Many creative ideas were explored and recorded. Their input will help form the plan: Epexyêwtes Clinton - the next 25 years.

(pictured left to right Harry Liu, Jarred Carrier, Daniela Dyck, Denise Campbell (principal) Mayor Rivett, James Belin).

Read the summer bulletin outlining the planning process.


Daniella Dyck, Community Development Coordinator
1423 Cariboo Highway, Clinton BC
Phone: (250) 459-2261

Joan Chess, MCIP, RPP
SPC Program Manager - Smart Planning for Communities, Fraser Basin Council
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Jennifer Nichols
SPC Communications Coordinator - Smart Planning for Communities, Fraser Basin Council
Phone: 250 356-0883, E-mail:


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